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For more information go to www. You see, Isaiah 52 and 53 talk a lot about the unfair treatment the Servant of God will endure before his death upon the Cross. Meaning, torture and pain, humiliation, hate and starvation that Jesus will face during the Passion. In fact, it clearly states in a few different translations that he is well acquainted with illness.

Now you answer me this. Do you think the most handsome man in the world will still be handsome after torture, lack of water, food, pain and being sick? He would be hideous and many will be repulsed by him. Get it? He was a simple man for one reason.

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So that the people could focus and follow him for his teachings, obedience to God and way of living rather than his six-pack abs and bulging arms. In fact, I believe Jesus was truly out of this world handsome. Because, the Jesus we have seen and drawn is the Jesus who was man.

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A man that was sent on a mission to show the grace, love and mercy of God. To face unbelievable tribulation and judgment from the world.

But what about on Heaven? Where he was his true self?

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How have I come to this conclusion? The fisherman of today have it pretty easy compared to the days of Jesus. There were no motorized boats or machinery that lifted nets and brought fish into your boat.

Lots of rowing by hand, pulling up nets by hand all day, every day. Unloading the boat of fish, packaging the fish, pulling the boats in, etc. A complete work out like this every single day would have to keep these guys fit and toned. In addition to all of the manual labor that kept them fit, take into account their constant exposure to the sun which probably kept them nice a tanned all year round.


Because of my circular saws, miter saws, jig saw, and my dewalt cordless drill, I can build in minutes what it probably took hours or days for them to build back in the day. And the energy exerted would be minimal. If Jesus needed to build a table for someone, he had to manually cut each piece of wood, shave each piece by hand, and perform tasks that required strength and arm pressure.