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Block the sun and stay cool with UPF.

Want the kids to stay active and engaged over their vacation? A good summer camp boosts confidence and self-esteem. Kids feel a sense of accomplishment every day during our karate summer camp. Most children have never experienced martial arts before and are sure to feel great about themselves as they master it. Summer camp helps children broaden their social skills.

Many children, especially in the city, lead sedentary lifestyles these days.

The NCAA makes its intentions clear

But summer camp gives them a chance to be physically active by running, jumping, and kicking—both indoors and outdoors. They have all day to use their energy, and our sports camp embraces that. Children spend so much time indoors, often in front of a screen.

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But when kids get to take a break from TV and the internet, they get back in touch with their creative selves and learn to enjoy making new friends. One of the magical things about summer camp is that it gives your child a break from the social pressures they may face at school.

They can relax, be themselves, and make new friends easily.

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Contact us today for more information at or master joinkimtkd. Our staff of dedicated, energetic instructors will introduce the techniques in blocks throughout the camp day, interspersed with games and activities.

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Leesburg : or master joinkimtkd. Find us on. Follow us on.


Autumn-Ready Pants. Step into Style. As the season shifts and the weather cools, wrap your legs in the comfort they truly deserve.

Pave Your Own Way. Your pants should keep you moving, wherever you roam.

KIM's Taekwondo Martial Art summer, winter camp

Get there in total comfort and confidence. Get the activewear that has it all: Style for the studio.

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Strength for the ascent. And comfort for everywhere in between. Not sure which size is right? Find your True Fit in just 60 seconds. Four Seas. We traveled to the four corners and seas of Japan in search of waves. Watch the Story.