Obama and Me: The Incredible True Story of a YouTube Sensation

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Jolly Demon Productions is now filming a documentary entitled Obama and Me: The Steve Zacharanda Story which will detail how the journalist lost everything after becoming a YouTube Sensation only to rebuild his career and reputation. Zacharanda also founded Goggle-eye magazine which only edition is still spoken of with awe in Birmingham, the second edition never materialised after a meeting with the head of sales ended up in a five day bender and all the advertising revenue spent. In recent years Steve has become a travel scribe of note and has visited all four corners of the globe enjoying every minute and bringing a Brummie slant to a genre that was in danger of getting stale.

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Steve Zacharanda - The YouTube Sensation

To the Last Man. From the Memoirs of a Minister of France. Ben-Hur A Tale of the Christ. That Mainwaring Affair. Drift from Two Shores. At the same time, she is trying to expand her brand beyond that of a Wall Street critic. She is attempting to position herself as a pragmatic advocate for the middle class, someone who can bring systemic reforms to education, health care, and democracy itself. She says that she simply wants to make them work better for more people. Warren, who is sixty-nine, is thin and sprightly, with bright-blue eyes and flushed cheeks.

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On campaign trips, she often makes three or more appearances each day, sometimes in different states. She rarely shows signs of fatigue. I met Warren two days later, in Washington, D. The space has the spare feel of a hotel suite, with a beige couch and spotless surfaces. Warren looked relaxed, dressed in sneakers, yoga pants, and a zip-up sweater. In person, Warren is animated and folksy. At coffee shops, she has been meeting with people who have donated sums as small as five dollars. At large events, she has been staying as long as necessary to take pictures with anyone who wants one.

After being portrayed as a Presidential front-runner for much of , Warren launched her campaign at an especially weak moment. Republicans had created a media tempest over revelations that Warren had claimed to have Cherokee ancestry. The strategy had prompted her finance director to leave the campaign, after voicing concerns that she might run out of money. With the help of advisers working from her headquarters, in Boston, Warren has been releasing a torrent of detailed policy proposals. She has issued a plan to dramatically reduce student debt and to offer free tuition at public colleges; a plan to unwind large agriculture conglomerates in order to make the market more equitable for family farms; a plan to require large corporations to pay more in federal taxes; a plan to dismantle the behemoth technology companies and regulate them like utilities; and new legislation to address opioid addiction, modelled on a bill passed by Congress in to combat the H.

Together, the proposals promise a new level of government intervention in almost every aspect of economic life. Some of the ideas are pragmatic; others seem aimed more at marketing than at implementation. Warren has trailed Biden and Sanders in fund-raising. In reality, the resemblance between Warren and Clinton is largely superficial. Many voters saw Clinton as flip-flopping and opportunistic; Warren comes across as straightforward. She told me that, when she was considering running for the Senate, in , people advised her against it because of her gender.

In the previous election, Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general, had been beaten by an inexperienced Republican, Scott Brown. I know that sounds surprising, because Donald Trump gets lots and lots of attention. It just hit me as I was telling you this. Warren first made this appeal in September, , when she spoke at the A. It was one of the first important addresses that she gave after being elected to the Senate, and she was nervous.

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And we have strongly held views that are in conflict over many issues. But on economic issues? On the question of how we build a future for ourselves and our children? Americans are surprisingly united. Warren had collected polling data—from people of both parties, living on the coasts as well as in the center of the country—that showed a remarkable consensus on issues such as raising the minimum wage, increasing Social Security benefits, and reducing student-loan debt. The Democratic candidates have many months of campaigning ahead of them. And if you get through that then you have to get through the Trump meat grinder, and the vast-right-wing-conspiracy meat grinder.

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In early June, two polls showed Warren in second place, behind Biden and ahead of Sanders, for the first time. You can never get it passed into law. The big banks will never permit this. She paused. We fought for working people. We built a grassroots movement. A little more than a year later, Democrats encouraged Warren to challenge Brown for his seat, despite considerable odds.

In Dubuque, Iowa, in early March, a crowd of people in sweatshirts and padded coats filled the Stone Cliff Winery, an airy space with exposed-brick walls, situated near the banks of the Mississippi River. Warren hopped onto a stage wearing a crimson sweater and black pants. But her performance was a reminder of how much she has changed since she first arrived in Washington.

During the A. Warren usually begins events with her biography. She grew up in a series of towns in Oklahoma and had three brothers who were significantly older.

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All three of her brothers joined the military. One flew two hundred and eighty-eight combat missions in Vietnam; another, now in his seventies, served as a combat medic, and still carries a pocketknife in case he has to perform an emergency tracheotomy. When Warren was in middle school, he had a heart attack. The medical crisis sent the family into a financial crisis. At night, when she was supposed to be asleep, Warren would listen to her parents talk.

And there it was. And my mama was in her slip and her stockings, and she was pacing back and forth. We will not lose this house. Warren has told the dress story countless times. Gradually, she says, she realized that many families had a version of the experience. It would pay a mortgage, keep the utilities on, and put food on the table.

Today, a full-time minimum-wage job in America will not keep a mama and a baby out of poverty. Warren says that, as a girl, she dreamed of being a schoolteacher. She wanted to go to college, but there was no money to pay for it; her mother encouraged her to find a husband. But I did have one talent. I could fight—not with my fists, but with my words.

I was the anchor on the debate team. They agreed to hand over their tax returns so that she could fill in the relevant information. At events, Warren generally avoids speaking about Donald Trump directly. George Washington University offered her a scholarship, but, in her sophomore year, Warren reunited with her high-school boyfriend, Jim Warren.

In campaign appearances, she describes with self-deprecating humor what followed. She got married, gave up her scholarship, and dropped out of school so that she could move with Jim to Houston, where he had a job with I. She completed her degree at the University of Houston, where tuition cost fifty dollars a semester. She notes that she never would have finished if she had needed huge student loans.