The Boeing 247 - The First Modern Commercial Airplane

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In preparation for this new approach to creating aircraft, Boeing distributed about 2, terminals to the design team. Moreover, key suppliers from around the world had instant access to the data and were almost immediately notified of any changes and modifications. In June , the Boeing Division was recognized for its innovative application of computing technology to the It won the first spot in the manufacturing category of the annual Computer world Smithsonian Awards.

Competition among big aviation players also pushed Boeing to outsource innovations to foreign competitors. As David J. Boeing was trading away its technical know-how in return for financial support from overseas governments, some of whom are developing their own aerospace industries. The entire wing assembly of this aircraft will be built by Japanese firms — a first for a US commercial plane. There will probably be more Japanese working on the than Americans. At present, the central focus of Boeing product development efforts is the study of new technologies that can be applied to the full line of Boeing jetliners, as well as the Technology has always been the fulcrum of innovation at Boeing.

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It will use electrical components in place of some pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The APU accounts for the constant whirring noise that airliners make when sitting on the tarmac, even when their main engines are switched off. The current designs for hybrid aircraft involve replacing the APU with a far more efficient system based on a fuel cell — a device that combines a fuel with oxygen to produce electricity. This approach has strong advantages over combustion: fuel cells are quiet, efficient, and produce far fewer emissions. These materials make it lighter and even more fuel efficient.

In addition, many Boeing engineers were assigned the sole task of making design modifications after final assembly. Teams from four customers, United Airlines, British Airways, All Nippon and Japan Airlines, were deeply involved in the program right from inception. Cathay Pacific and Thai Airlines have also been involved but to a lesser degree. Boeing gives airlines great flexibility in configuring the cabin by making the galleys and lavatories completely modular.

Boeing has also worked to reduce costs by 25 percent, defects by 50 percent and order-to-delivery time by half, from twelve months to six.

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Yet look at the , which first flew in These new airplanes will remain in service for more than 30 years. Based on network-centric operations, at Boeing, approaches are formulated after much research and discussion. What is the world going to look like 20, 30, even 50 years out? How might markets change?

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  6. Are there disruptive technologies? What are the big, driving, fundamental factors? And the most critical question: What are the economics? The leadership at Boeing work together with business unit experts to form strong, robust strategies. Business analysts have shown that Airbus has already surpassed Boeing with more than 50 per cent of the global civilian aviation market.

    Not only can it seat more people and fly farther than the , Airbus claims that it is cheaper to operate while providing passengers cheaper seats. The Boeing can only hold passengers with a range of 13, km. The first of the As will come into service sometime in Airbus has confirmed orders from Singapore Airlines and China Airlines. The will come in three different models and will carry as much as people and will have a maximum range of 8, nautical miles 15, km. The main attraction of the is that it will use 20 per cent less fuel than any other jetliner of the same class.

    The will hold less passengers but its advantages are that it can fly farther than the A and is more fuel-efficient. The will go into production by It will have its first test flight by and will be put in service in Airports will need to upgrade their current airports to be able to take the A Recently Atlanta, one of the biggest airports in the world has already ruled out investing the necessary hundreds of millions to accommodate the A So too have Seattle, Denver and Las Vegas.

    The American market has always been hard for Airbus to penetrate and this could imply that the American airline companies would buy Boeing jetliners instead.

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    The two companies are also battling it out legally. Since a large percentage Airbus profit is actually government subsidies, the investors are wary of the company.

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    5. Boeing on the other hand is vulnerable to capital markets. This is also part of the reason why Boeing is still very trusted in the industry.

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      Boeing claims government subsidies give Airbus too much of an unfair advantage. Since , subsidies have covered up to one-third of the development cost of new planes, which included the A Moreover, Airbus can avoid paying loans in full if sales of the aircraft being financed fall short of forecasts. Many of those were for the fuel-efficient that is scheduled to enter service in Most of the orders have come from Asia and experts believe that, over the next 20 years, Asian airlines will buy 3, jets — two-thirds of them additional aircraft and the rest replacements.

      The first three months of have been equally robust with good sales across the world for the Groh, an analyst with D. Davidson, a financial consulting firm based in Lake Oswego, Orlando. When it is configured in three classes, the will carry about passengers up to 9, miles, allowing nonstop flights, for instance, between Houston and Beijing. With these changes in the top leadership backed by a more aggressive sales force and a technologically advanced and market-driven new plane, Boeing is harking back to the homespun philosophy of pioneering founder William Boeing: keep it simple, keep it right, keep it going.

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      It combined in one aircraft a number of important features, such as a gyro panel for instrument flying , an autopilot , pneumatically operated de-icing equipment, a variable-pitch propeller , retractable landing gear , and an all-metal monocoque fuselage. The higher speed of the Boeing meant that it could make a trip across seven and a half hours shorter than any previous airliner, making for a total flight of twenty hours.


      They remained in civilian use until World War II , when they pressed into military service as trainers and transports under the designation C Some of these aircraft were still flying into the s. In civilian use, the Boeing was replaced by the Douglas DC On October 10, , a Boeing was the victim of the first confirmed case of sabotage of a commercial airliner. A United Airlines aircraft flying from Cleveland to Chicago was destroyed by a nitroglycerin-based explosive device over Chesterton, Indiana.

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