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George, Lilah and her newborn sister were trapped in the farmhouse for days. Annie tried to escape, but she tripped and hit her head on a rock, killing her. Lilah found the reanimated Annie and quieted her. She lived by herself for five years. She was later told that George had committed suicide, but believed Charlie and the Hammer killed him.

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Lilah lived with the Chongs for a while. She seemed to be in love with Tom Imura, and later falls in love with Lou Chong. Lilah has killed many zoms and people. Her first great kill was Marion Hammer, who she killed once, then quieted with her spear.

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Second, at the battle of Gameland, she ended White Bear's life when he was about to kill Chong. She fought a pack of wild zombie boars, but didn't make a kill. However, she was saved by Joe Ledger, who tended to her wounds. In contrast to a few faux cracks that appeared in Season 2's "Untouched". Both of these moments centered around Lilah's concern for her mother, who possibly had Alzheimer's disease. The first moment occurred in "Loyalty" where we witnessed Lilah's telephone conversation with her off-screen, obviously confused elderly mother.

Lilah seemed to be talking to her mother with genuine tenderness and concern.

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You could hear her almost break down a little bit as her mother started crying on the phone. The second moment occurred in "Sleep Tight", which, coincidentally, also contained probably her finest dialogue sequence with David Boreanaz ' Angel. Lilah spoke quite forcefully and emotionally about her mother "who no longer recognizes me" and who also has "the best room at the clinic".

Clearly, Lilah is implying she's putting her "game face" on every morning for the sake of her mother, though, deep down, I'm not so sure. Regardless, it's very expensive to keep aging parents in the best facilities, and Lilah seemed perfectly content to lavish her hard-earned wages on her mother's care.

To really go off on a tangent, it's telling that Lilah and her mother were obviously not living in the same city.

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For whatever reason, I'm under the impression that they were not even living in the same state. If a daughter was really devoted to her aging, sickly mother, shouldn't they have been living in the same city, or at least within easy driving distance from each other? Surely, the Los Angeles area would have had some fine facilities that would have done an excellent job of taking care of her mother.

Besides, unless there were unknown relatives around to keep an eye on Lilah's mother, I can't imagine any devoted daughter trusting complete strangers to keep her mother's interests in the forefront.

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I can actually think of several extenuating circumstances that would have made it advantageous for Lilah and her mother to live in separate cities, not the least of which revolved around making it difficult for Lilah's enemies to even find her mother. Not to mention how difficult it would be to uproot an extremely ill person from her comfortable surroundings and move her some place new. There are no easy answers, so we'll just have to draw our own conclusions. Regardless, deep down, I do feel that Lilah did genuinely care for her mother, and tried to work out a workable system to satisfy both of their needs the best she could.

In my " Lindsey and Lilah " post, I talked about how, in contrast to what we learned a lot about Lindsey's poverty-stricken background, all we learned about from Lilah was that she had to overcome considerable early adversity in order to succeed. Per Bethany, the Telekinetic girl, Lilah was someone who " got out " out of grinding poverty? Whatever Lilah's background, unless she was telling bald face lies always a distinct possibility , she at least led a life that provided good material for inspirational speeches to high school students. Lilah herself told Angel in "Sleep Tight" that her "game face" became her real face several years before.

If I'm interpreting things correctly, Lilah might have started out life as a fairly decent human being, but somehow felt forced to put on her evil "game face" early on as a survival tactic. Why would someone feel compelled to turn evil? Perhaps if she had been mistreated by "good people" at an early age? Lilah never mentioned a father, so maybe her mother raised her as a single parent?

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She mentioned to Wesley in Season 4's "Calvary" one of their last encounters that all she wanted, among other things, was to have her pretty things. To some people from impoverished backgrounds, having "pretty things" can be a huge motivator in and of itself. Speculation on what might have happened to turn her to Evil would be almost irresponsible, since we're given such little information.

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All we know is that Lilah seemed to be quite comfortable with who she was and did not want to be saved! Much as I love to look for clues and let my imagination do the rest, I figure I can't possibly ignore what the actors themselves have to say about their characters.

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They're the ones who've spoken to the writers and have hopefully put the most thought into who they're portraying. In a BBC interview which was conducted probably just before she saw the "Sleep Tight" and "Loyalty" scripts that described her mother, Stephanie is quoted as saying: " Lilah's mother may have been forced to place her with relatives or in foster homes, and Lilah might have been shunted from household to household during her entire childhood.

As Romanov herself pointed out, Lilah certainly had problems establishing ties with anyone.