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I present in your hands and your heart this booklet for Franciscan formation so that, by embracing some crucial elements of our Franciscan spirituality, we can walk together in true communion as brothers and sisters amid a reality marked by the forced exodus, violence and social injustice.

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The booklet consists of six themes that address the event of the crusade, the encounter between St. Francis and the Sultan of Egypt, the recall of the years of unfinished history, the fruitfulness in following Jesus and the spirit of mission. Your email address will not be published.

The horror presently occurring in Mumbai clashes poignantly with the wonderful memories of the recent trips my daughter Jennifer and I have experienced throughout India. In particular, we fondly remember celebrating Purim in Mumbai March , and participating in services at Chabad House officiated by Rabbi Holtzberg.

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It had been so refreshing to spend the holiday with Jewish Indians of all different denominations along with several other tourists. It is so mind-boggling to fathom what the families of these dear people are going through. It is just unbelievable to consider how criminality has come to overpower in such a way that good, innocent people have to be treated in this manner.

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Access 1 comment. Pablo Nankin MD says:. Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka The horror presently occurring in Mumbai clashes poignantly with the wonderful memories of the recent trips my daughter Jennifer and I have experienced throughout India.

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I now want to get more involved in campus ministry. They are the reason and the continuation of what was started 50 years ago.

In 2020 Malthouse Theatre is ALL IN. Are you with us?

As illustrated by the young adult team, recognizing that empowerment is just the start of the Encounter. The second, more crucial part, is setting out to use those recognized talents, and to deepen that relationship with Christ.

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Phil asked the Encounterites. How do we become more attentive to the voice of God in our lives?

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  • Are you ready to embrace the Encounter message? The Marist educators, the ones who brought their students to this historic weekend, are confident that that these young people are up to the challenge.

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    A little more aware of the world around them More people who are trying to bring this spirit back that makes them more accepting to other people and comfortable being themselves. The more there is of that in a school, the easier it is for other people to take more risks and put themselves out there. The greatest evidence of this, of course, is in the young people themselves.

    Is it the talks? The many moments of shared prayer?