Flames Of Deceit

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She was howling, pointing through the window: "Look! Look at this fire! This terrible fire! Have mercy on me! There was nothing.

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Only the darkness of night. With her first prophetic warning, Mrs. It took us a long time to recover from this harsh awakening. We were still trembling, and with every screech of the wheels we felt the abyss opening beneath us. Unable to still our anguish, we tried to reassure each other: "She [Mrs. Be she nevertheless continued to scream: "Fire! I see flames, huge flames! Our terror could no longer be contained. Our nerves had reached a breaking point. Our very skin was aching. It was as though madness had infected all of us.

We gave up. A few young men forced her to sit down, then bound and gagged her. The Jews of Sighet want so desperately to remain subjects of their optimistic self-deception that they bind and gag Mrs. And so an hour or two passed. Another scream jolted us. The woman had broken free of her bonds and was shouting louder than before: "Look at the fire!

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    Flames of Deceit

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