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Each of the women had unique personalities and I thought they were fairly well written. I am looking forward to the next book. Apr 05, Monster Harem rated it really liked it. A pleasantly descriptive and inventive LitRPG story featuring exciting girls, tons of explicit sex scenes, and a variety of fun, interesting quest locations for our hero and his harem to test out their growing unique skill sets.

Mark ends up in a very realistic VR game gone you guessed it a little haywire. It seems like a common trope, but the adventure that follows is anything but common. The first few chapters of the book are slow. The harem is sort of handed to him, which detracts from the believability of the devotion they clearly feel for each other throughout the book.

The girls have unique abilities and classes, and they have distinct personalities. That said, they are all on board for pleasure — a lot of it. This book is FULL of sex scenes. Pages and pages of all sorts of sex. Some of the scenes present interesting dynamics and positions, but not all of them. Anyone who loves reading sex scenes will have a lot to enjoy in this book, but be warned: the sex is as much a focus of this book as any other aspect of the plot.

For any diehard fans of crunchy LitRPGs, this may be a downside. For anyone who skips over stat menus anyway, you may not care that much. Still, it makes the whole game progression aspect feel like it takes a back seat. Jul 31, Troy Neenan rated it liked it. First off this books genres if you were to put them in order would be erotic, harem, fantasy, and then right at the back is science fiction and LitRPG.

The game part of this story feels more like just a way to sell the book. The author could have just removed it and it wouldn't have changed anything. Now, some warnings. There is a sex scene or a nude scene in every chapter and they take up a good portion of the story to the point that they slow things down.

Again, this is an erotica with a plot. P First off this books genres if you were to put them in order would be erotic, harem, fantasy, and then right at the back is science fiction and LitRPG. Plot: After an accident that damages his hand the MC gets a virtual reality pod and his assistant AI buys a erotic game for their first go of the system.

The AI becomes a sex addict and forces the hero to betray her. Add in a massive glitch, a fetch quest, and a lot of sex. There is the basic story. Characters: The main character, Mark was just recently got his hand damaged and spent the money that he got from his settlement on a game system. While acting nice some times it is clear that he is neither the smartest guy around and why he hasn't got a real world girlfriend. The rest of the characters look, act, and sound like they came out of Deviant Art or Hentai. Basic sex slave personalities.

The author tries to give them some back story but it's just flavour. What I like: Well, I have to say that for an erotica this is a pretty good one compared to most other dribble. It has a story, it has characters, and the sex is highly graphic. What I don't like: There were some times were I felt like there was too much sex.

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I know I'm an idiot. But I just wanted to get back to the story. I also want to add that when you think about it this guy should be wishing that he would die in this video game. Not because of the sex, but because of the lawsuit. His AI damaged property, caused a massive system's crash, potentially killed some people, and a ton of other things. He would be lucky that he doesn't face prison. Sep 23, TheShrike rated it liked it.

Crystal Heart

Pretty good. Good story, interesting characters. Decent sex scenes. It is what you expect for this genre. We are not expecting Shakespeare. The below may constitute spoilers so beware My biggest beef was the main character was too "saccharine" - meaning he was too good. Too sweet. Too nice. He came across as too soft.

Too beta. I would have preferred a bit more edge. Maybe even pissing off members of his harem from time to time only to have to re-seduce them back into the fold using h 3. Maybe even pissing off members of his harem from time to time only to have to re-seduce them back into the fold using his lover ability - Meaning he's not perfect but he's too irresistible for his harem to stay away for too long thanks to his masterful fingers, dick, tongue, etc Otherwise I would have given this 4 stars. It also has me concerned about continuing with the series because his too nice personality was really grating on me.

Turn his all-caring AI module into the evil bad guy. Nov 25, Dave Stone rated it really liked it. Amazingly enjoyable despite it's many flaws. There is a lot wrong with this book. Venter would have benefited from a thesaurus or an anatomy text book when it came time to describe lady parts, and the pillow talk is so awful that I suspect some of it was meant as an inside joke.

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And yet this book found a solid place on my top 5 list. Can't quite define why this book with it's many sour notes so thoroughly enchanted me. It could be the premise that seems cliche at first glance, but is strang Amazingly enjoyable despite it's many flaws. It could be the premise that seems cliche at first glance, but is strangely fascinating. The world building is solid, I love that the Main character isn't instantly an expert on everything under the sun, and the choices of monster girls are off beat enough to be interesting. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Jan 18, Michael Ocheskey rated it it was ok. I don't normally have a problem with sex in novels as long as the sex scenes are meaningful and have a purpose, either to advance the plot, advance relationships between characters, or even just to show character development. However, stories where the sex is the sole focus and the plot, character development, and emotional attachment to the characters are non-existent are not my cup of tea.

That is exactly what this story is. I forced myself to keep reading in the hope that the plot would develo I don't normally have a problem with sex in novels as long as the sex scenes are meaningful and have a purpose, either to advance the plot, advance relationships between characters, or even just to show character development. I forced myself to keep reading in the hope that the plot would develop and the characters would be relatable, but it never happened.

This story is basically literary poem with horrible characters, a story that goes nowhere, and sex scenes almost every other chapter. I definitely will not be finishing this series. Nov 09, Bolajide Adeyoye rated it it was amazing. Gratuitous This is smut.

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It's exactly what it claims to be on the box, a story about a guy who got trapped in an erotic mmo. But you know what it's good despite that. Part of this is because the author doesn't do that cringy thing where they are basically apologizing for their writing. Part of this because beneath all that t and a there is a very solid fantasy plot line going on. One that is engaging enough and holds a large enough percentage of the actual writing to keep me interested.

Mar 12, Alan K rated it it was amazing. A very sex oriented story in a virtual world Interesting tale of being trapped in an erotic game and trying to escape as rouge AI's cause havoc in the real and virtual world. Enjoyable read but it concentrates more on the sex more than most books in this genre. Some of the most graphic sex scenes I have read, but still enjoying the story. Will read another book or two before the next in this series as a cleanser.

Nov 16, Eldritch Automaton rated it liked it. It was entertaining but I was getting bored with the formulaic progression of the narrative near the end. The naughtier scenes were very much the same where I suspect the author may have gotten bored writing the ending, but there was some good stuff in here.

I particular enjoyed the moments with the naga Vale. Overall, this was an average romp with an enjoyment to be had. Will definitely read the second one before deciding on whether or not I want to continue. Oct 11, Joshua rated it it was amazing. Good Very good read. Enjoyed this book and will read the next one. The story is very interesting and captivating and the sex does not take away from the story if thats something that concernes you.

Nov 27, laeaurra flamehawk-mitchell rated it really liked it. It's harem GameLit A lot of sex. I enjoyed the gamelit bits. I am wondering if we'll get to see the MC's stats ad skills in subsequent books. The pacing was good and the editing was spot on. Pretty well done harem.

I'm game for book 2. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About Prax Venter. Prax Venter. Other books in the series. The computer will flash a series of colors intermittently, followed by the birds all moving in different directions. To obtain the heart, one must pay attention to the sequence of colors that the computer flashes, as well as the directions that the birds move in every time the sequence finishes.

The player must dash in the direction that each bird corresponds to in the order in the computer's light sequence where that bird's color appears on the computer in relation to the other colors, not in real time.

Crystal Heart

The direction sequence that the player must perform is:. Performing this series of dashes will cause the birds to form into this chapter's Crystal Heart entitled Pointless machines which the player can then obtain. The Crystal Heart in this chapter is located in Chapter 2 's first sub-chapter, "Start".

In theory, this Crystal Heart should be quite easy to locate, being two screens up from the starting screen of the chapter. In practice, it is very difficult to locate, as there are no objects that will help one to get there. The only way to get there is by exploiting a piece of the game's physics that recharges the player's dash when the player moves from one screen to another. This allows the player to essentially climb thin air by dashing off of the right side of the first screen onto the second screen, then back, repeating until the player moves up to the screen above the first screen.

The player can then climb this wall, after which the player can easily reach the topmost screen, where one can simply walk over to this chapter's Crystal Heart entitled Resurrections and obtain it. The heart can also be seen but not obtained in the 'Awake' Section of Chapter 2, where it is more easy to locate, and a poem lies near it with hints of how to obtain it:. After being tasked to help clean up by Mr. Oshiro, the player must advance to the lower path of the two in the upper right corner.


One must then advance upwards and the to the left in reverse of the way the player first goes through the area until the player reaches the first room, where the player first runs into Theo in Chapter 3. There is a path at the top of the screen that was previously blocked by towels; the player must dash up to this path and follow it upward to find this chapter's Crystal Heart entitled Scattered and lost and obtain it. Chapter 4 's Crystal Heart is located at the very beginning of the second sub-chapter, "Shrine". To reach the Crystal Heart, the player must cling to the Guided Platform , then navigate it left to avoid hitting the wall, after which the player should move it back to the right.

Once the player lands, the player must go to the right, into the lit up area. Once one goes into the next room, the player should see a waterfall pouring into a pool of water.

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The player must then swim towards the bottom right corner, and keep swimming to the right until the player reaches a hidden area with a strawberry. The player must then dash into the Smashable Wall to the right to break it, after which the player should reach a tall room. One cannot reach the top normally; the player must crouch on top of the white block until the player disappears.

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The player is now in the background instead of the foreground—thus allowing one to interact with objects in the background—and can climb to the top of the screen, where the Crystal Heart entitled Eye of the storm is located. Chapter 5 's Crystal Heart is located in the second sub-chapter, "Depths". After getting the key above the statue, the player must enter the room beneath the statue to the right, then hop on the nearby bubble and travel to the right. There are a total of 8 Crystal Hearts in all, one for each different level in Celeste.

To help you complete your collection, we put together a quick guide featuring all 8 Crystal Heart locations and solutions in Celeste! The first Crystal Heart can be found in Chapter 1 of Celeste. These birds serve as an important puzzle clue in regards to the directions you need to dash. To solve this puzzle, use the dash combo:.

Upon successfully completing the dash combo, the birds will reward you with the first Crystal Heart in Celeste. The second Crystal Heart can be found in Chapter 2 of Celeste. At the beginning of the chapter when standing next to the fire , go up the nearby wall and use zigzag motions to push the wall, moving yourself farther and farther up the top.

Try and avoid losing momentum. The third Crystal Heart can be found in Chapter 3 of Celeste. After pressing the button, a new direction to head in will appear on your right. Dash through the water and up into the newly unlocked secret location, then make your way through the various rooms. The fourth Crystal Heart can be found in Chapter 4 of Celeste.