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Then the Holy Prophet S turned towards the people and said: Of whomsoever I am the master; this Ali is also his master. O Allah! Love those who love Ali and hate those who hate Ali!

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The Prophet S replied: Ali's mastership on you is same as my mastership upon you. On whosoever's life I have authority, Ali also has the authority.

It is not only Ali a. The Daughter of the Messenger of Allah S also said on a historical day to the companions when she was demanding her rights from them: 3. When Imam Hasan a. The Almighty Allah preferred the Ahlul Bayt a.

Question 102

And he selected us and kept us away from every type of impurity. Of whomsoever I am the master; this Ali is his master too. Love those 4. Hazrat Imam Husain a. Skip to main content.

Question 102 (The Impossible Quiz Book)

View this page in our App. View View. He had employed this argument at other times also as mentioned below: 2.

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Inter alia he said: You must remember that on the day of Ghadeer when Allah told the Holy Prophet S that just as he has explained the rules of Prayer, Zakat and rituals of Hajj he should declare my leadership. And to fulfill this duty the Holy Prophet S delivered the following sermon: The Almighty Allah has commanded me to perform a duty and I was fearful that some people will falsify my conveying of divine command.

After this goes away, a single red dot will appear on the screen, slowly fading away; once you put your mouse or finger on it, it will go away, and another one will appear on a different spot.

Question #102

You have to keep hovering your cursor or let go of your finger and then touch over each of the dots before they fade away, otherwise you'll lose a life and the question will restart; eventually, small red squares will appear as well, but touching them will also take a life away from you and restart the whole question, so not only do you have to be quick so that the dots don't disappear, but you also have to avoid the squares in the process.

This question has 15 different groups of figures, one of them will only have a single small square around the top right corner. Which of the following answers is true regarding the MAC table entries that should exist immediately after PC1 connects to the PC4 web server? More than 1 correct answer may exist.

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The other three in my opinion are wrong as they reference layer 2 addresses outside of the LAN ie beyond a router. Hi all — thanks for the discussions — Answer post is now available here! Maybe You should go home or try a search:.

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