Easter Bunny, Are You For Real?

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Easter Bunny

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Van Vleuten solos to world gold in women's road race. Recommended Slideshows 36 Pictures. Since you aren't a fan of the Easter Bunny, little things that involve the topic in general can be such a trigger. Maybe you don't want to be aimlessly looking around for something that someone you fear left behind. You wouldn't go looking for abandoned summer camps and eerie lakes if you were afraid of Jason Voorhees, would you? Sorry, Roger, but you were guilty for resemblance association.

In my opinion, animated bunnies are over-accentuated just like the Easter Bunny is, so it's hard to warm up to them in movies, plays, or real life. Who Framed Roger Rabbit is an iconic movie though, so you couldn't risk missing out.

Is Easter Bunny, Santa, tooth fairy real? When to tell kids the truth

When nightmares incorporate that one thing you fear the most in this world, it is the scariest, most lucid dream you will ever have. Usually, you are running for dear life, and no matter how much you want that mask to be taken off, the nightmare ends with so much doom. If you put these nightmares into a novel, Stephen King would likely join your book club. No one wants to blame their parents for introducing them to their worst fear, but childhood might be where it originated aka, when you first met the Easter Bunny.

You've likely vowed to never expose your kids to things that are cute in photos, but horrifying to the psyche.

I Regret Telling My Child the Truth About the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny's reign of terror ends with you, once and for all. How many times have you told someone you are absolutely terrified of the Easter Bunny, and while they are laughing hysterically, your face remains unmoved. It's seen as a joke to a lot of people, but you couldn't be any more real about it. Who gets to rate the severity and validity of fears, anyway?

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No one. The Easter Bunny only makes an appearance once a year, and even that might seem like too much.

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