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Mertz, Jon. A group of geological exploration scientists arrive at an Antarctic base to do research but the base crew is nowhere to be found and their own team members start to go missing. Encounters with an alien being lead them to an underground world inside a mountain, which is really an alien space ship. The aliens are embarked on a demonic scheme to crossbreed dinosaurs and humans. Pryor, Josh. Fade to Black. Pasadena: Red Hen Press. A drilling crew trying to reach an under-ice Antarctic lake inadvertently dines on crustaceans discovered at the bottom of the water, beginning a chain of events that dooms them all.

The effects of polar darkness, personal demons, cannibalism and vampirism lead to an uncertain new world for the researcher. Remender, Rick et al. New York: Marvel Entertainment, No. Comic strip hero Flash Thompson, a. Venom, is a rehabilitated injured war hero who has been given a spidery alien symbiote suit by the government that allows him to be a hero again for short periods. In this issue, he is on a mission to destroy an Antarctic vibranium mining facility when he encounters his enemy Kraven.

Rosewood, Ron. Lexington U. The travelling past is easy and she meets a few eligible men and finally decides on one close to her home. Thompson, Stewart. Frozen Memories.


Kindle Edition, undated, est. Various individuals around the world are invited to Lake Vostok in Antarctica where they begin to drill into the ice to determine the source of puzzling transmissions. Vast arrays of under-ice root-creatures, with the ability to hold vast memories of human existence, are running out of nourishment. In exchange for planting their seed pods over the earth, the creatures offer vast stores of information that will help people with their daily lives. Viggers, Karen. Walker, A. Murder at McMurdo.

Hurlford Scotland, U. A married scientist at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, whose wife is also at the base, has a fling with another married researcher. Meanwhile, a scientist is murdered, someone is arrested and the two lovers may have evidence that the real murderer is on the loose. Will they have to reveal their tryst in order to save the wrongly accused? Weaver, Ian. Frozen in Time. Harry, a British fighter pilot, crashes during a training exercise and wakes up on a ship carrying out a secret mission on the Antarctic Peninsula.

At home, his wife and friend become involved in the same plot, which involves terrorists and a planned nuclear explosion on an Antarctic ice shelf. From a past experience, Harry has a secret ring which allows him to travel back and forth in time and so he must save his wife, friends and the world from nuclear destruction in the Antarctic. Armstrong, Jennifer L. The Unlikely Association of Meg and Harry. Two recent high school graduates, one the restless Christian son of a rich family and the other, a working-class girl who wants to become a policeman, join forces to become private investigators.

They find their scientist and explore their own relationship. Bledsoe, Lucy Jane. Madison U. Binkley, Paul David. Thawing Eden. A leaf with special powers is found under the ice of Antarctica, and an expedition is launched to further explore the origins of the plant. Rival researchers and the expedition leader bring murder, deception, love intrigues and theories of the origin of the planet to the mix.

The Garden of Eden is discovered, complete with snake and forbidden fruit. Campbell, Scott Patrick. In the near future, two scientists drilling ice cores in Antarctica find buried alien spacecraft buried deep in the ice. The nations of the world rush to get their shares of the relics and unwittingly unleash havoc on the world.

An over the top sci-fi adventure story melts and trickles into a cosmic morality play. A fact previously unknown, he was actually taken from the past to the future in by scientists researching time travel.

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Cohen, Theodore Jerome. Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World. Bloomington: AuthorHouse, Valuables are stolen during a Chilean earthquake and stored on a supply vessel going to a Chilean Antarctic base. The thieves resort to murder to protect their loot and are in turn killed by the captain of their ship. Culbard, I. New York: Sterling Publishing, In this adaptation, the artwork is very clear and the story readable, but the horror is completely missing.

Conway, A. The Treaty. A small group of refugees from a World War live in ice caves below the Antarctic surface with a secret their leaders have tried to keep from them and the outside world for years. The group is finally discovered by the Russian military, which will stop at nothing to eradicate them. Curran, Tim. Lake Orion U. Cussler, Clive, with Du Brul, Jack. The Silent Sea. New York: G. An elite force of private American commandos, working with the U. Co-incidentally, Argentina has claimed this area in cahoots with China and has developed a massive secret offshore oil drilling program that must now be stopped.

Gagliani, William D. One of many short stories in Shadowplays , a collection of fantasy and thriller tales by Gagliani. The two technicians overwintering at an isolated Antarctic research camp become antagonistic toward each other and one of them may have attempted to murder the other. Previously published in Psychos , an anthology of horror stories edited by Robert Bloch and Martin H.

Greenberg Gresh, Lois H. Haden, David. The Floaters of the Barrens. Burslem Books www. On Antarctica Naked. From an anthology of very short stories, On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories, known as flash fiction. Includes this one about an illness, which resembles an Antarctic experience. Heller, Izzy. Death in McMurdo. A young scientist and his wife, overwintering at McMurdo Station, encounter marital problems and a violent death in a polar morality play, set within a strong Jewish cultural framework.

Hines, Chesley. Sixty-Four Degrees. Two separate stories from the Arctic and Antarctic, with one common participant. In the Antarctic-based Sixty-Four South , an American Antarctic research vessel is called to rescue its sister ship following a collision with a glacier off the coast of Antarctica. The rescue turns into a larger incident with nuclear overtones. Johnson, Mat. Pym - A Novel.

They find the ancient beings described in the book, with unfortunate results. Khoury, Raymond. The Sign. Thus begins a global conspiracy that is driven by rogue power brokers and mercenaries in Washington. The news crew becomes an unwilling pawn in a dangerous plot that threatens the world. Lee, Tommie. One of the technicians in a futuristic Free Antarctic Republic in latches on to their scheme and is pursued in chases across the continent, to silence him. Loschiavo, Joe.

A futuristic eco-political thriller that brings together a greedy global corporation, an environmental investigator, his former flame and his daughter, each with their own missions in the investigation of a mysterious formation in Antarctica. Lovelace, Merline. Don Mills Canada : Harlequin Enterprises, Mia discovers stressful love after her Antarctic Peninsula tourist cruise ship hits an iceberg and the passengers are taken to refuge at Palmer Station.

Mackenzie, Gordon. Robinson, Jeremy. The first child born in Antarctica in returns thirteen years later and is forced to fight for his survival in an underground world of ancient people and creatures with supernatural powers. Thompson, Claire. Polar Reaction. Macon U. Three male scientific researchers temporarily remain behind on an Antarctic field station as the base is closing down for the season and endure a blizzard, as their mutual affections begin to grow.

Once airlifted out after the storm, their triangle romance blooms fully, through sexually explicit descriptions. Van Bokkem, Vianka. A terrible, thankfully very short story for teens in which a young female reporter hides in a helicopter that goes to Antarctica, in hopes of investigating a rumoured cover-up in Antarctica.

Yunker, John. The Tourist Trail. Ashland Oregon, U. With inter-related stories from the points of view of several protagonists, the action leads from a penguin research station in Patagonia to anti-whaling chases in the Southern Ocean. The objectives of the FBI agent begin to change and merge with those of the activist. Archer, Alex. Rogue Angel — Polar Quest.

Archaeologist Annja Creed goes to Antarctica to help a colleague who has found a prehistoric necklace. She suspects everyone there, including the U. Beck, Greig. Beneath the Dark Ice. Sydney: Macmillan, A private U. An American commando rescue team is sent in. Russians also have their separate agenda and neither group knows what awaits them. Boswell, Andrew. The Tournament at the End of the Earth. In a near-future, oil-depleted world, an Antarctic stadium has been built as a proxy battlefield for countries at war to fight it out. An unknown terrorist has his own plans for exploiting the continent.

Dixon, George. The Patent of Mann. Central Milton Keynes U. The investigation of a shipwreck in the Irish Sea leads a crack team of investigators to an environmental conference at McMurdo Sound and oil drilling in Antarctica. Dring, Jacob R. A deadly alien arrives to look for its lost crewmember and to do battle with the humans. Eberhart, Dave. Rock of Ages. In , a deep-sea salvage operation off the Irish coast is searching for two ships scuttled in the s, reported to carry WWII nerve gas. In one of the ships they discover a part of a long-lost Mars mission aircraft from , which had discovered a buried object on the surface of Mars, but the mission was lost on return to Earth.

Elsewhere, an investigative reporter and a crusading U. Forbes, Steve. Southern Cross. Charleston: www. A Russian military squad makes a surprise visit at an American Antarctic base and each side has their own hidden agendas. A small group of the Americans makes a brave and unbelievable journey over a horrendous glacier to try to carry out their own mission. Gorecki, Andrzej. South of the 60 th Parallel. BookSurge Publishing U. Americans drilling in Antarctica hit an impenetrable layer deep under the ice. An advanced race of human aliens has been living underneath Antarctica for ages and their peaceful existence is interrupted by the ensuing attempted invasion by the U.

McDermott, Andy. The Covenant of Genesis. New York: Bantam Books, The secret society, Covenant of Genesis, will take any means at its disposal to stop these discoveries from becoming public knowledge. McNeil, Jean. The Ice Lovers. In the near-future , a writer travels to Antarctica to research the death of a female scientist three years ago.

Mundy, Robin. The Nature of Ice. The author has worked and overwintered in Antarctica. Ogle, W. Tsunami: Beast of Antarctica. Shelbyville U. A new luxury cruise ship on her maiden voyage is toppled by a giant tsunami caused by a breaking ice shelf. The few remaining people, too many for a single zodiac, must plan how to survive. The Ecstatic Cry. A short story in a collection of short fiction, Forgetting English , by Midge Raymond. A tourist cruise ship visits two penguin researchers at a solitary Antarctic Peninsula field camp.

One of them later encounters a mysterious stranger from the ship, wandering in the water off the beach. Rose-Innes, Louise. Antarctic Affair. A recently engaged, London-based high society female features writer is assigned to do a story on a rugged, individualistic adventure photographer. They travel to the Antarctic Peninsula on a research vessel for the story, she saves his life on an iceberg, becomes accustomed to the outdoors world and romance follows.

Sampson, Jim. The Apocalypse Rising. Burleigh Australia : Zeus Publications, Worldwide global warming has caused havoc over Antarctica. Two groups of scientists are caught in the middle of new volcanic eruptions in the Ross Sea area. An American submarine and icebreaker race through storms to rescue them, while a team of American scientists and the military attempt to annihilate the volcanoes with atomic missiles.

Wynn, Earl S. Pink Carbide: Carbon Aria. Sonora U. In the near-distant future, the super powered, bionic Cylea searches for her beginnings and goes to an old deserted Antarctic base for clues. Barell, John. Surviving Erebus. A fictional account of the Antarctic voyage of James Clark Ross and the discovery of the Sea and ice shelf named after him. Clarke, Isabella. A short story included in a collection, Colours and Shades , written by Clarke. Dionne, Karen.

Freezing Point. New York: Jove Books, Kalla, Daniel. Cold Plague. New York: Tor, A private commercial drilling project to bring up pure, therapeutic water from a subterranean Antarctic lake results in an escape of deadly prions, which causes deaths in Europe. Levine, Richard S. A Floccinaucinihilipilificatious Life.

This online and print magazine has a very short story about millibots discussing whether they are alive, as they rush to inspect a defective furnace heating duct somewhere in Antarctica. Marsh, Carole. The Mystery in Icy Antarctica. A mystery-writing grandmother takes her two grandchildren to Antarctica and they encounter their own mystery of missing meteorites and penguins. Robinson, Kevin Maurice. The Imaginator — an Unexpected Discovery. Two children accompany their archeologist father to a dig in Antarctica where they uncover a stone, which was the refuge of a young alien girl.

She becomes their friend and teaches the children how to use their imagination, which comes in handy when they have to escape villains who want to capture the alien girl. Smith, K. Polar Love. New York: Vantage Press, Two American researchers on a scientific cruise at Deception Island fall in love but must return to their separate lives after the expedition is completed.

They manage to pick things up a few years later. Valente, Catherynne M. A very short story about Antarctic topographical maps, up for auction, and the related stories of the two rival South American mapmakers who drew them. Bartels, P. Desert Ice. A disgraced former supertanker captain and a glaciologist sign on for a project to haul an iceberg from Antarctica to Kuwait but in mid stream are interrupted by an Iraqi hit team.

Beach, R. The Number of Things. While going through a divorce, a man has recurring dreams about an early 20 th century expedition to Antarctica, which is marooned on a subantarctic island. The events of current reality and historical dream unexpectedly become merged through his spaced-out wife. Dabb, Andrew, Seeley, Tim, et al. Joe: Special Missions Antarctica.

The comic strip character G. Joe was introduced in the s and has been continued in various series by different publishers. The Special Missions series of 28 issues had various reservists in action roles around the world. In this one, the team is sent to Antarctica to stop their arch-enemy Cobra, who has started to produce oil from a huge below-ice oil reservoir. Fearnley, Laurence. Degrees of Separation. Auckland: Penguin Group, The stories of three isolated people working out of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: a composer, a scientist and a communications operator.

Gardner, Drew. The Sands of Erebus. A spiritual novella in which a philosophical Florida State University student reconnects with his potential lost soul mate from a university course three years later, when they each win a trip to Antarctica in a poetry writing competition sponsored by the University. Jermey, Ron. The Biggest Morgue in the World. An Australian policeman is sent to an Australian scientific base in Antarctica to investigate the murder of a scientist and an attack on another. A slow investigation of a puzzling case turns into overtones of the Cold War. Wilson, Colin.

The Tomb of the Old Ones. Hayward U. Although this novella was written in , it appears in print for the first time in an anthology of Antarctic horror stories, The Antarktos Cycle from Chaosium. Based on H. This is a voluminous Franco-Belgian comic book series started in about U. This particular adventure takes them to the Antarctic to battle criminals who have discovered a stash of buried Nazi gold in the Ice. Milligan, Peter et al. New York: Marvel Comics, No.

X-Men: Golgotha - Part Three. In a 5-part series, the super-powered X-Men have travelled to the South Pole mutant colony after a distress call. They arrive to find most of the colony wiped out and the remaining few have gone mad. The only clue is the word, Golgotha, written on a wall. Another X-man arrives, with the identity and location of Golgotha, which is an alien beast, with psychic powers, buried in Antarctica.

They return to their home base lab with it but other Golgothas appear and cause insanities in the minds of the X-Men. Plowright, Kerry. Vostok Station — Point of Impact. Lock, Norman. Three Short Metaphysical Fictions. This is a webzine for fantastic fiction. Macpherson, Helen. Colder Than Ice. Port Arthur U. Two headstrong women on an Antarctic archaeological team that is trying to locate traces of a lost expedition from a century ago find each other and fall in love.

Thomas, Rosie. Sun at Midnight. London: HarperCollins, Based at a small private Antarctic Peninsula research base, a young British researcher finds her independence and falls in love with a dour contract worker. She carries a heavy burden she has chosen to conceal, until disaster strikes the camp.

Wagner, Matt. New York: DC Comics, This compendium brings together the three superheroes for the first time in a story about a mad villain who wants to remake the world to his own liking. The stories were originally published as three single issues in Dickinson, Matt. Black Ice.

New York: St. Before scientists can pursue a troubling discovery from deep in the ice cap, they must rescue two stranded explorers. People and events turn sour and the rescuers must flee for their lives. Donehower, Bruce. Bloomington U. An archaeo-astronomer is sent to Antarctica to interpret hieroglyphs found under the ice, revealing an ancient world order.

Reeder, David. An unofficial sequel to H. This short story has a team of special security agents from Miskatonic University looking for their lost associates who were exploring an underground cave in an Antarctic glacier. The rescuers find more than they bargained for. Stross, Charles. A Colder War. Aberdeen U. Engan, Charles and Janyce, et al. Oakland: Chaosium Inc. Hammond, Rayford E. The Ice Breaker Incident. Rocky Mount U. A sharp but dissolute Navy JAG lawyer must defend him. Louisville: Chicago Spectrum Press, New York: Marvel Comics, Vol.

The inaugural issue of a series in which a villain, Deadpool, is tested by a group of superhuman good characters for heroism. After sabotaging a nuclear facility in Antarctica that protects against gamma rays, Deadpool has a change of heart and prevents the deadly radiation from escaping and destroying the southern hemisphere. He is then invited to join the super heroes.

The Day I…Got Naked in Antarctica!! (X-Rated)

Gonzlez, Jorge et al. This is an updated version of the original story line from earlier comics in which the X-Men travel to Antarctica to investigate the TV broadcast sighting of a jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, who rescue an Antarctic expeditioner. See also Lee, Stan et al. Lee, Stan et al. This is a facsimile of the Canam Publishers Sales Corp. The super-powered X-Men are sent to Antarctica after they view a TV broadcast from Antarctica of an unknown loin-cloth clad figure and a saber-tooth tiger returning to a base camp with a missing expedition member.

Mystery over holes the size of SWITZERLAND appearing in Antarctic ice finally solved

The X-Men locate a crevasse that leads to an undiscovered jungle, populated by prehistoric creatures and tribesmen. They run into trouble themselves, are rescued by the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger and are finally sent back to the Antarctic surface to return home. Wayne, Matt et al. Shadow Cabinet: A Contract with Dog. Shadow Cabinet: Final Cut. Led by the all-knowing Dharma, the Shadow Cabinet is a group of characters with various super powers, sworn to protect humanity from itself. In a 5-issue series, it is sent to Antarctica to stop a gang of renegade scientists who want to collect solar energy and beam it to Antarctica to provide the earth with endless energy, but that would slowly melt the polar ice caps.

They must be stopped, but the shadow Cabinet finds it has its own internal issues. Bainbridge, Beryl.

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The Birthday Boys. Burns, Michael. Hot Planet. Tubac U. In , as global warming causes the rapid melting of icecaps in Antarctica and worldwide flooding, the Defenders of the Planet, an environmental group, wage war with the energy establishment. Clark, Kathy. Groom Unknown. Two young scientists carry on a flirty romance through a computer interaction service and agree to marry in Antarctica, sight unseen, when one of them is assigned to McMurdo Station as a naval captain.

As fate would have it, they had previously been unfriendly co-workers in Colorado. Dislike turns to like as they get to know their real selves. Gerrard, Kitt. Midnight Tales of Torment. A female American secret agent is called on a special mission to winter over at a base on the Antarctic Peninsula with just one scientist, a male. To maintain their professional relationship, they tell each other lurid, erotic stories. Events are not at all what they seem, in this campy tale of outright porn. Superman in Action Comics: Secret Weapon. In his Antarctic Fortress of Solitude, Superman is regenerating his powers through the Eradicator and overloads its circuits to get more energy.

He finally breaks to the surface in his quest to defeat the evil Cyborg who is destroying earth. Superboy is held captive by Cyborg Superman, who deceives the Justice League into searching for them on an asteroid belt. In the meantime, the real Superman is being regenerated under the ice of Antarctica. The Adventures of Superman: Line of Fire.

The evil Cyborg Superman has convinced the authorities that a rogue Superman has destroyed Ocean City. Super Boy is called in to help and is attacked by the Cyborg. Meanwhile, in Antarctica, something is lurking and dives to the bottom of the polar sea. Superman in Action Comics: Born Again. Beneath the ice of Antarctica, the deceased Superman is regenerated from electrical energy and returns to Metropolis to fight crime as a changed Superhero. Nicieza, Fabien et al. A new series with a cast of mutant superpowered heroes has them flying in to Antarctica to attack the base of another group of mutants who are terrorists.

The Adventures of Superman: Home. While battling a tidal wave in Metropolis, Superman returns to Antarctica, where the Eradicator has been melting the ice and trying to destroy Earth. He travels through a time portal to meet his natural parents on Krypton, undergoes his Kryptonian rite of passage and returns to Earth and wills the Eradicator to stop its destruction. The Adventures of Superman: Eradication. The continuation of previous issue , in which Superman buried a Kryptonian relic, the Eradicator, in Antarctica.

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The Adventures of Superman: Antarctic Solitude. Superman returns to Antarctica to ensure that the relic from Krypton, the Eradicator, which he buried in Antarctica, is still there. At the same time, he encounters a giant underground alien creature that has destroyed an unmanned research station. Claremont, Chris et al. The Vostok 3 Russian research station in Antarctica is obliterated by a tower emerging from below the ice.

Down below in the prehistoric tropical Savage Land, the X-Men are engaged in battle with evil super-powered rogues. Superman A team of scientists, flying over Antarctica, receive a signal and upon landing discover what looks like Supergirl, buried in a slushy thermal ice pocket at degrees.

Scottsdale: Gladstone Publishing, Issue , March Uncle Scrooge buys what he thinks is the rarest element on earth, encased in a block of ice and goes to Antarctica to store it. It turns out to be a perpetual ice cream maker. Scrooge loses it in the vast ice and manages to find it with help from a penguin. Stern, Roger et al. The Avengers: Pyrrhic Victory! The Avengers: Terminus! The Avengers: …Into the Savage Land! A giant alien mechanical monster, Terminus, has just destroyed a scientific base and they trail it to the Savage Land, a hidden primitive jungle in Antarctica, where they meet local hero Ka-Zar and his wife.

Meanwhile, Terminus destroys the remains of an ancient Atlantean civilization before he is finally destroyed by the Avengers. However, Terminus also destroyed the life support systems of the Savage Land, which freezes over. Luckily, the Avengers are rescued by the U.

Is Antarctica Getting Too Popular? - The New York Times

Chappell, Fred. Weird Tales. A short story about the degenerate literary cronies of American horror writer H. One of them discovers a portal to Antarctica in his apartment and disappears. Detective Comics Starring Batman: Antarctic nightmare. Batman follows the villainous Penguin to Antarctica to stop him from selling state secrets at a Russian base. Paige, Laurie. South of the Sun. New York: Silhouette Publishers, A female researcher from Florida travels to an Antarctic field camp with the mercurial group leader.

Their attraction is immediate but he must be seen as the neutral camp leader. How long can they keep their hand off each other in this fluffy tale of romance? Carter, Nick David Hagberg. Operation: McMurdo Sound. New York: Ace Charter, One of a series of spy adventures published over , written under the pseudonym Nick Carter, the protagonist. In this cold war story, Nick is sent by the U. The cover of the book shows Nick on a snowmobile, backed by a grove of rare Antarctic trees, presumably in the McMurdo Sound area. The group of super mutants is sent to Antarctica for reconnaissance of Magneto, their evil mutant arch enemy, who had a massive installation under an Antarctic volcano.

They barely escaped from him in a previous adventure and nothing has been heard since. The is the first issue of a comic series based on Ka-Zar, a jungle man transplanted from modern life, and his saber-tooth tiger, Zabu, who live in the Savage land, a prehistoric jungle beneath the icy surface of the Antarctic Peninsula. Originally created by an alien as an artificial environment, the Savage Land was later inhabited by the people of Atlantis as Pangea.

Most of Pangea was eventually destroyed in a cataclysm but the Savage Land was spared. This story introduces Lamura, a city of civilized people descended from Atlanteans. The Antarctic Convergence. London: Robert Hale Ltd. A ripping adventure yarn of a British special agent, who investigates a series of mass murders at numerous scientific bases in Antarctica,. Levitz, Paul. In the thirtieth century, up in space, the Legionnaires prepare to prevent a war between galaxies.

On Antarctica, the Resource Raiders are planning to steal a shipment of rare earth metals from a stockpile and Sun Boy, Brainiac Five and Element Lad attempt to thwart the heist. Graves, Robert. Old Papa Johnson. London: Penguin Books, New York: Magazine Management Co. An Antarctic base is attacked by a monster and a survivor tells the tale on TV interview programs. Peter Parker alias Spiderman , a photographer, is sent to Antarctica with his girlfriend to investigate.

Through the icy surface, they enter the prehistoric jungle world of the Savage Land where his girlfriend is kidnapped. They get help from Ka-Zar, the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, Zabu, to fight arch villain Kraven the Hunter and the alien monster. Conway, Gerry et al. Metal Men. The five metal men are near McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, looking for a stolen vault, when their creator, Doc Magnus is carried off by their enemy, Plutonium Man.

The metal men, with the help of American soldiers, must recue them. Clarke, Arthur C. At the Mountains of Murkiness. London: Ferret Fantasy, This is a short spoof of H. The super-powered X-Men are sent to Antarctica after they view a TV broadcast from Antarctica of an unknown loin-cloth clad figure and his saber-tooth tiger returning to a base camp with a missing expedition member. They run into trouble themselves, are rescued by Ka-Zar, the jungle man and his saber-tooth tiger, and are finally sent back to the Antarctic surface to return home. Uncredited author.

Superman: The Last Days of Superman. Superman is supposedly infected by a virus from Krypton and has a month to live. To help him carry out his remaining vital deeds, a team of superhero friends builds an ice sculpture in Antarctica to heat the globe when he is gone. Jarvis, E. A Home Among the Stars. New York: Fantastic, Vol.

A very short story of an Antarctic meteorologist whose destiny is to be purposely stranded at a base and to be rescued by aliens. This story was also published by www. Attack of the Yetis. Navikov, Hugo. Russo, Mark. Antarctica - Volume 1. Webb, Benjamin Robert. Temporal Zoetrope, Cotter, Allan V. Seeds A William Horner Conflict. Sedgwick, Helen. The Comet Seekers. Toronto: HarperCollins Publishers, Suriano, James.

The Antarcticans. Thacker, Nick. Towner, Gary. Kraken Rising. Extinction O — Negative Book 1. Jeffreys, Greg. The Day the Tide Kept Rising. Arrow Books. Pete B. The Reluctant Warrior. Keirle-Smith, Gordon. The Paradise Garden Press, King, Dan L. LaBarthe, L. Less Than Three Press. Lean, Frank. Ticket to Antarctica — Part One. Vernon Press.

Moore, Jonathan S. Close Reach. Power, Brian. Song of Atlantis. Reynolds, A. Past Perfect. Archway Publishing. Trudel, John D. Blackadder, Jesse. Chasing the Light. Cabana, Ted. Manner of the Sundog. Cook, Alan L. Dangerous Wind. A Carol Golden Novel. Eketoft, Linda. Stories from Antarctica. Rawley, Jody. Shackleton Crater. Botsford, Diana Dru. Stargate SG The Drift. Surbiton U. Brown, David N. Thing Vs Exotroopers.

Carney, Dominic. Icarus Rising. Druett, Joan. Edwards, Stewart. Antarctica — Earth Adventure 2. Harrow, M. As Portents Rise. Jopling, Richard. Shropshire U. Jyr, Aer-ki. Star Force: Inception SF1. Kreffel, Erik J. Jaunt Publications. Kristopher, Jason. The Dying of the Light: Interval. Katy U. Manera, Tony. A New Ice Age. Kindle edition, McRoberts, Derek. Iceburgh, Ash Fork U. A : Weedy Acres Publishing.

The strange image sparked a frenzy online, with some claiming it's evidence of a hidden civilisation. Bonkers conspiracy theorists have long claimed that an ancient civilisation — possibly of alien origin — lived or still lives under the Antarctic ice. Brett added: "Could this be something that was left behind by the ancient civilisations of Antarctica? One user quipped: "That is not a natural thing that mother nature made by wind and cold. Looks like a Viking.

Metal helmet with the nose piece running down the upper part. Others were more sensible in their approach. One explained: "This is purely natural and random. Looks like ice with cracks. The find is most likely the result of pareidolia, a bizarre effect which causes the brain to see shapes, structures and patterns where they do not exist.