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So start slow, understand the your spine's structure, give time for every pose to sink in, and strengthen your back to be able to hold you through. Enjoy the journey. Being able to share and coach this sport by a fitness and wellness approach, sensing energies and releasing stress, while building strength, increasing reaction time, and allowing them to focus on the moment, one punch, one kick at a time, and hear their screams and wild breaths, and calm steps on the way out; this is priceless, and I am grateful.

Dear son, Invest in yourself. Invest time into your overall well-being, and don't fear the social decletter. Invest in your mental health, by adding the elements, or being into the elements that bring you mental clarity and non-sexual orgasm, and minimize the accumulation of thoughts that await no actions from you, nor control; and no, no one said it's that easy. Invest in your heart, add yourself first, be gentle to your senses and beats, add those with a personal value and actually deserve to take a spot, and release those who even though mattered at some point, or still do, but are toxic to your blood, nerves, and body.

Remember, sometimes, people die, alive. Invest in your body, appreciate its existence, hug it, thank those feet, hands, back, and facial muscles for keeping up to your daily non-sense, and actions, and allow it to move, to explore, to jump, to run, to fall, to sweat, and to get hot and cold; that too, will pump your heart, and hugs your mind.

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Dear son, Invest your time, in educating yourself, about you, and the surroundings; Whether by books, courses, the internet, or by asking the cashier about their day, the taxi driver about their family, or the millionaire about their mental health. My ultimate educational source, is you, and me, in other words; you within me, and staring at the sea, or sometimes, the white walls around me; yes.

Dear son, Know what you like, and why. Create your own limits, and make sure you're not crossing someone else's. Be there for you, first.

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Eat well, and by well I mean eat upon your own needs, terms and principles, and always wonder where that food came from, how, why, and do you have the right to have it. The above question goes to everything else in life, honey, as if I was bee, or know anything about being one. Rest, yes, rest, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Note: Just because everyone is doing it doesn't meant it's right.

Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it does not exist. Just because no one is with you, doesn't mean you give up on yourself. And never feel the obligation to justify.

Dear son, Be the darkness within your light. Be every left in your right. Be the sky above the Deseret. Be the jellyfish, crocodile, and shark's bite. Be the sea. Be a tree. Be the soul no one bothers to see. Be you. Be me. Be the guilt, of every sin. Be the urge of every killed bee.

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Be everything the soil would contain. And everything a ship would carry. Be nothing I would wish for. Nor nothing I would be.

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Questions: 1. Falling back when performing the sitting squat is an indication of lack of hips flexibility; what is the solution? Tips for beginners? Does it ever get better? Is CrossFit suitable for those with a high flexibility level? Can someone be "too old" to start working on their flexibility? Maybe specific moments of the journey; like how to keep practicing?

I only stretch after a workout. Is that enough? I almost have no flexibility, can I reach to your level? Other questions will be showcased in movement videos soon. If you'd like us to talk about more point in details, or certain movements to showcase, mention it below. Saved by the bed, no kiddin. Sometimes we play, sometimes we train, and a lot of times, we train to play, and it's everything but perfect, nor pretty, I tell you. Rawness, building up a handstand split, while strengthening my flexibility.

And yes, flexibility is WORK by itself, just like any other part of health related fitness components. Dear son, Sometimes, even I do not have anything valuable to share with you. Yet, you have me, and that is enough. Or at least, it should be. It may contain some words that need to be heard, read, or remembered. Ladies and gentlemen, this flow translates the phrase "listen to your body" in one way or another, enjoy. Dear son, You are your own piece of art.

Your journey is your canvas. Surrounded by every tool possible. Lead by your veins, nerves, emotions; your ink is filled within. And the world is your theater. Dear son, Allow yourself to become your own Masterpiece. Thank you tvz. And yes, a lot of movement patterns will be flowing, really soon.

I had my final test for my bachelor degree on Thursday, less than 24h, Friday morning, I was already on an airplane, leaving behind, everything, my life. I never knew how it feels to be a graduate, literally, not even sure if I am, especially that I never had that post graduation struggle of finding work as I've been working all my years at school and been blessed to be embraced by the fitness community even though I was no one they've heard off.

Now, I'm creating the space for me, to feel what I've lost, for a bit. At least, since Dec And I thought this message shall connect some souls out there. Dear son, Lose control. Lose control. To find your balance. Dear son, Shifting body weight from one limb to the other is what keeps you balanced. Or shall we say "balanced".

Dear son, Allow your body to teach you, to live. Learn from biomechanics, about your own psychology. Explore your mind, heart, and being, by your own senses. And become your own experiment. Dear son, You are, your ultimate lab. Now, figure out your purpose, and grow.

Dear son, Remember to give, care, and embrace the surroundings; In one way or another, we all are one. Dear son, Allow your senses to express upon words. And shall your simplicity guides you. The kids requested me for their trip, oh well, they might regret it, or not. Dear son, Move. And allow others to move, too. For them, I am the person I once needed. For me, they are me, once upon a time. PS: I coach at gyms to pass on what I've learnt from my falls at the living room, streets, college, and from you, each one of you; I though, don't go to one, nor I know how to, yet.

When coming early for am kickboxing class koreksa. Refreshing morning, mates. Dear son, Be aware of your anchors. Take care of their health, conditions, and weight. Certificate of Excellence. Cuisines: Contemporary, Fusion. Description: If you want to organize rest for your kid in the lap of the nature with delicious food and loads of interesting games it is not obligatory to go to the countryside at all.

A few minute-ride from the center next to Sport and Concert complex after K. Demirchyan under the shadows of apricot and cherry trees you will find a real paradise for children- El Garden Kids Zone. Restaurant details Description: If you want to organize rest for your kid in the lap of the nature with delicious food and loads of interesting games it is not obligatory to go to the countryside at all.

Reviewed April 6, via mobile. Best place in Armenia. Date of visit: April Ask Rawan about EL Garden. Thank Rawan Report response as inappropriate Thank you. We appreciate your input. Write a review Reviews Traveler rating. Show reviews that mention. All reviews sushi steak salad kids zone romantic place romantic dinner amazing place thank you so much very nice atmosphere food was great our waiter amazing service visit this place visiting yerevan recommend this restaurant tents nature.

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