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It is something they will remember for a long time. For Roman Catholic people it is an even greater thrill to see the pope when he, in the pope-mobile, drives through the streets. You can see the people line up by the thousands, waving — if only to be close to the pope — maybe even to have his shadow fall on them, or better yet, to touch him, or his garment.

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Best of all, to get to speak to him, to feel his power and influence in their lives. The same thing happened when Mother Teresa was still alive and she would come to visit a town. Or, nowadays, Billy Graham for that matter. People who come near them or touch them, somehow, feel close to God and extremely blessed. Even the sick have experienced healing power in their lives.

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In the book of Acts, chapter 5, there is such a phenomenon. The apostle Peter was in the temple at the place called Solomon's colonnade. Because many men and women believed in the Lord, people brought their sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by. People saw in Peter healing power that he did in the name of Jesus. Later, in Acts 19, Paul was in Ephesus and God did extra-ordinary miracles through himso that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick and their illnesses were cured and evil spirits left them.

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While on earth, He made Himself available to the people, going from town to town, house to house, ate with tax-collectors and sinners, easily talked to people from every social class, slave and free, Jew and Gentile, men, women and children. Whoever came to Him, He never turned away. The people often crowded around Him and many took the initiative to have Jesus come near and touch them. In Matthew 14, just after Jesus had walked on the water, people brought all their sick to Him and begged Him to let the sick just touch the edge of His cloak and all who touched Him were healed. In Luke 6, people all tried to touch Him because power was coming from Him and healing them all.

In Luke 18, people were also bringing babies to Jesus to have Him touch them. Oh, what a joy, what a blessing to feel the warmth of Jesus' touch! It seems that Luke, himself a doctor, knew the special effects of touch. And how it enhanced healing for the sick.

Touched by Jesus

He mentions Jesus' touch more often than Matthew and Mark. The power of touch by a doctor or therapist, even today, enhances healing. It's regrettable that we live in a society where no one dares to touch another person for fear of sexual harassment — a touch that so easily sends out the wrong message. Touch, of course, must always be appropriate. Be it on the arm or shoulder, a gentle embrace or a hug.

It's often done at weddings and funerals and other such occasions of great joy or sadness. Babies need to be touched, cuddled and held to grow and develop normally. Our children need to be touched and hugged on occasion, including through the teen years. So he selected several newborns in an orphanage and instructed nurses to feed them, but not to talk to them or touch them. Every single one of those babies died. Additional data gathered from orphanages proves a distinct correlation between holding, cuddling with, and carrying infants, and their survival rates.

I concluded my defense by carefully explaining that the Gospels describe Jesus Himself as a toucher. There are multiple cases in which our Savior reached out and embraced people when a simple nod or quick handshake would have sufficed.

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When the disciples tried to keep little children from interacting with Jesus like most kids, they probably had sticky hands and dirty knees and, therefore, the disciples thought they were too messy to interact with the Messiah , the Lamb of God beckoned them to pile onto His lap Mark — In short, I told my skittish friend, our Savior was a master masseur. The following week, Fridgeeta sheepishly showed up on time and submitted to being loved on. He typically used His hands to heal. Featured Products Buy Now.

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We have the Savior of the World coming to us in Holy Communion, entering into our souls and nourishing us in ways beyond what we can ever imagine. The power of His divine presence, coming to us in Holy Communion, is enough to transform our lives in powerful ways. The problem is that we often receive Him without being fully open to His grace and mercy. We easily come forward to receive His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and fail to fully open ourselves to the infinite depths of His tender mercy. Reflect, today, upon the intimate touch of the Savior upon your soul as you receive Him in Holy Communion.

The power of that encounter is of infinite value. Are you open to all that He wishes to bestow? Renew your openness to Him and seek to allow Him to enter your soul more deeply next time you come forward to receive His divine touch. May I open myself to all that You desire to pour forth upon me. Come into my heart, dear Lord, and transform my life by Your gentle touch.