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Her novel Limbo took, as its main character a female sergeant, returned wounded from Afghanistan — an important novel, offering a very different perspective on the conflict.

Domenico Starnone has written up to 20 books — 8 of which are novels, numerous screenplays, and is a regular contributor to Italian newspapers. Starnone is published in English by Europa Editions, which led at one stage to idle speculation that he might be the author behind the Elena Ferrante identity. Forget about that idle speculation, and enjoy Starnone in his own right. Italy is the home of the giallo , the detective novel, and Carlo Lucarelli is a master of the form. His examination of power, the political, and justice are done cleverly within the framework of the detective novel.

He subverts it as only a master of the genre can. Ammaniti is certainly less experimental than many on this list, but he remains one of the best storytellers on the list. Through that school, and his own writing, he has influenced a whole new generation of Italian writers two of whom are on this list , looking towards the United States and the worlds of film and music. His theatre piece Novecento.

His subject matter and settings have varied wildly — City is set in modern day America, while Silk is a historical novel set in Japan in the s, for example — but the one thread that binds all his work is this love of storytelling, and a belief in the transformative power of stories. Read Without Blood , a piece of fiction published in the New Yorker. Roberto Saviano is not strictly speaking a novelist, although his books Gomorrah and Zero,Zero,Zero use literary and storytelling techniques to examine the world of organised crime, both in Italy and globally.


His book Gomorrah became a publishing sensation in Italy, and led to death threats from the Camorra — the Neopolitan crime syndicate. Saviano has been living under police escort since He has been criticised unfairly in our opinion for his use of uncredited sources like wikipedia and various newspapers, but his work is primarily the creation of a narrative through which readers can understand the seemingly inexplicable power of organised crime.

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Gentilmente richiestone, or fa l'anno, da quegli editori, io accettai molto volentieri l'incarico, l'occasione di raccogliere in uno e compendiare i vari studi di Add to Favorites. Gina Paduano il giorno mi sussurrava Amore Romance Italian Words Ages 0 and up 51 Katrin aveva sempre sognato ,un amore grande e puro..

Tiziano Thomas Dossena Caro Fantozzi ed altri racconti. Short Story Italian 2 Words Ages 0 and up 29 Ten short stories in Italian, some fictional, some autobiographical To ensure optimal functioning, our website uses cookies.

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Heavily illustrated, this classic presents the architectural life of Italy from the 13th through the 16th century. Severgnini strips down the idealized vision of Italy to reveal its more authentic self — at its best and its worst. Levi recounts the harsh yet beautiful existence he found in exile to a remote region of southern Italy during Mussolini's reign. Macaulay's illustrated book about the Eternal City will please both kids and adults. Duggan's history starts with the fall of Rome but zooms in on the political difficulties of unified Italy over the last two centuries. History buffs and foodies alike will enjoy this vibrant exploration of Italy's famed cuisine.

Desiring Italy Susan Cahill, In this anthology, 28 women writers offer a mix of fiction, memoirs, and essays about the complexity and allure of Italy. Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth Gilbert, Gilbert undertakes a stirring journey of self-discovery through Italy, India, and Indonesia also a movie with Julia Roberts. This true account of Sicilian Mafia assassinations in the s is as much thriller as it is history.

10 contemporary Italian novels you should read this summer

English Lord Norwich's engaging account spans more than a century, from Venice's fifth-century origins to the arrival of Napoleon. The House of Medici Christopher Hibbert, Florence's first family of the Renaissance included power-hungry bankers, merchants, popes, art patrons — and two queens of France.

Italian Days Barbara Grizzuti Harrison, Harrison's appealing travel essays about Italy's varied regions cover everything from architecture to food to history. Italian Neighbors Tim Parks, Park describes an Englishman's humorous and sometimes difficult attempt to live as a local in a small Italian town. In one of the definitive works on this pivotal period, Adams focuses on the most important and innovative artists and their best works.

Books to Read for the Beginner Italian Student

The Italians John Hooper, A veteran English correspondent in Italy probes the fascinating paradoxes of contemporary Italian life. Italy for the Gourmet Traveler Fred Plotkin, The Lives of the Artists Giorgio Vasari, The man who invented the term "Renaissance" offers anecdote-filled biographies of his era's greatest artists, some of whom he knew personally. Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling Ross King, The story behind the Sistine Chapel includes Michelangelo's technical difficulties, personality conflicts, and money troubles.

Midnight in Sicily Peter Robb, Robb offers a good general history of Sicily, covering its decadent pleasures and its literature, politics, art, and crimes. The original "how-to" for gaining and maintaining political power, still chillingly relevant after years. Everything you always wanted to know about the popes, but were afraid to ask. Augias takes readers back through 27 centuries of Roman history, secrets, and conspiracies. A young American couple tries to renovate a Tuscan farmhouse in the late s. McCarthy applies wit and keen observation to produce a quirky, impressionistic investigation of Florence and its history.

Travelers' Tales Italy Anne Calcagno, Calcagno's guide is an excellent compilation of travel writing, including pieces by Tim Parks, Patricia Hampl, Mary Taylor Simeti, and many others. Under the Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes, Mayes' bestseller describes living la dolce vita in the Tuscan countryside and is better than the movie of the same name. Venice Observed Mary McCarthy, This snappy and engaging memoir details the Venetian ethos through the eyes of a sharply critical writer.

Morris brings a maritime empire to life in this book that illustrates the city's place on a larger historical canvas. Stone fictionalizes Michelangelo's struggle to paint the Sistine Chapel also a movie starring Charlton Heston. An American editor travels to Venice in search of letters written to his mistress. Beautiful Ruins Jess Walter, This comedic romance, which follows an Italian innkeeper's search for lost love over 50 years, is the perfect beach read for the Cinque Terre. A Bell for Adano John Hersey, Birth of Venus Sarah Dunant, Dunant follows the life of a Florentine girl who develops feelings for the boy hired to paint the walls of the family's chapel.