Why Our Church Switched to the ESV

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Our second reason and the most important for our decision was accuracy. There are really two basic approaches to Bible translation. The first is what we call, formal equivalency. This seeks to interpret each word as literally as possible but it is sometimes at the expense of readability. The second approach to Bible translation is what is referred to as dynamic equivalence. The goal of this approach is to translate each phrase in order to convey the thoughts of the passage in the common language of the day. However, when this is done, it can and often does lead to problems with accuracy. Let me make something clear.

Both kinds of translations have value and have a role in understanding what God was saying through each author in the Bible. One side note — Paraphrases like The Message are not translations. While they can be valuable in a supplemental way, we encourage you to read and study from a translation, not a paraphrase.

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So what is the ESV? The ESV is a formal equivalence translation as described above. The translators worked tirelessly to accurately translate each and every word of the original language Hebrew—Old Testament, and Greek—New Testament and preserve readability. As a result, they have provided us with a highly accurate translation that is readable and teachable for all levels of spiritual growth.

All translations make certain interpretive decisions. When translating committees, scholars and pastors look at the original languages Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic they have to make interpretive decisions based on what was originally recorded. Some of this is normal and appropriate. However, a good Bible translation should not make all the interpretive decisions for the reader.

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Yes, they translate words accurately i. They are explaining instead of translating. As you move toward dynamic equivalent translations, more words are added and these interpretive decisions are made for you. We have a lot in common with an Ethiopian Eunuch.

That seems strange to say, but it's true. We're briefly introduced to this man in Acts 8.

“Why Does Pastor Todd Use the ESV Translation of the Bible?”

We don't know a lot about him, but w We Are New City. Chris Payne. I was so excited and encouraged to reveal our new name and logo today. Having a unified name and brand identity is a step many of us have been looking forward to for months, even years. I wanted to ta DeYoung shares seven reasons why his congregation switched Bible translations to the English Standard Version.

An excellent tool for pastors or lay leaders seeking to learn more about the ESV.

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