The Most Dangerous Creatures in the Ocean - 30 Quality Pictures including Sharks!

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Usually more than one metre 3. How to know if it's got you: According to the Australian Museum, the eastern brown snake's bite can initially be painless and difficult to detect. That's a problem, because if bitten, you'll need medical attention straight away. Its venom can result in eventual paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding.

Living in northern Australia, saltwater crocodiles can be found in the ocean, but they are more likely to be in estuaries, and occasionally, freshwater. Take notice of what the locals tell you and take any cautionary signs seriously, Robinson advised, because the saltwater crocodile is very good at ambushing prey. And word to the wise, don't leave your dog chained up outside the tent. How to know if it's got you: The sharp teeth clamped around your leg is a definite clue. Most of Sydney's north shore suburbs are built on the main population area of the Sydney funnel web, according to Robinson.

Since , 14 deaths from the spider have been recorded. It's only the male bite that has proved fatal, however. Direct UV light will kill a funnel web, so the spiders need somewhere to hide during the day and have been known to consider a shoe a perfectly adequate location. More commonly, the spiders builds burrows under something like a pile of bricks or a log. How to know if it's got you: The venom of a Sydney funnel web can cause death, as it contains a neurotoxin component that affects the nervous system.

The bite is very painful, and symptoms include sweating, tingling and muscle spasms.

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  • 10. Lionfish.

There are about four species of blue-ringed octopus around the Australian coast. They are normally brown and innocuous looking, but when disturbed, iridescent blue lines and rings appear.

20 of the most dangerous beaches in the world

Almost all bites have occurred when the octopus was picked up and taken out of the water, Robinson said. The simple message is: don't touch them and you'll be fine. How to know if it's got you: Once bitten by this octopus, symptoms can appear within minutes, depending on where you've been bitten. Because it contains neurotoxins, the body starts to shut down and becomes increasingly paralysed. Usually victims die because they stop breathing, Robinson added. Around two metres 6.

The inland taipan beats the coastal taipan for the severity of its venom, Robinson said, but people rarely encounter it and there have been no known deaths. How to know if it's got you: The coastal taipan's venom is designed to work on mammals such as rats and works very quickly.

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  5. The venom attacks the nervous system and blood. If bitten, you might start to bleed internally, as well as suffer headaches, nausea and vomiting. Quite widespread in Sydney bushland, the reason this snake is at number 10 is that it relies on camouflage rather than evasion to protect itself, according to Robinson. While other snakes will slink off when faced with a threat, the death adder freezes, he said, so it's easy to get bitten if you're walking through a bushy area and step on one. Its fangs are long and can penetrate quite deeply. Or perhaps it will be the box jellyfish, trailing its two-metre long tentacles, which can inject millions of small doses of venom into any flesh they brush against.

    Add this one up to the list of the world's weirdest tourist destinations. Less than 60 years ago, the US was still testing nuclear weapons in the Bikini Atoll. These days, the islands are welcoming visitors, although we can think of other tropical paradises we would rather visit. Scientists have declared local radiation levels offer no health hazard as long as you don't eat local foods, such as those tempting coconuts.

    Still, we don't see mass tourism taking off here.

    Top 10 Terrifyingly Deadly Sea Creatures

    Look at that clear blue water, those white sand beaches. Is there are any reason why you wouldn't plunge straight into the water at Gansbaai's beautiful beaches? Well, yes, actually, and it can be summed up in three words. Gansbaai is known as the Great White Shark capital of the world, and the sea channel known as Shark Alley is a popular venue for cage diving with the sharks. Given the number of top-of-the-food-chain predators hanging around in these waters, we'll skip the dip, thanks.

    It sounds like the setting of a James Bond movie: an island swarming with snakes that will melt the flesh from your hand. So dangerous is Snake Island — Ilha da Queimada Grande to the locals — that it was declared off-limits to visitors almost a century ago. There are an estimated golden lancehead snakes on the island, off the coast of Sao Paulo state, which are believed to have been trapped when rising sea levels cut off the island from the mainland.

    A snake bite can lead to kidney failure, intestinal bleeding and brain haemorrhages.

    Take the plunge...

    We're staying well away. Here's another one where the name says it all.

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    If the wonderfully macabre moniker doesn't scare you away, you should know that Portuguese navigators used to refer to this km stretch of coast, with its long sandy beaches, as the Gates of Hell. For centuries, the powerful Benguela Current drove passing ships onto these beaches, where many of the wrecks can still be seen alongside whale and seal skeletons. Few of the crew members who made it ashore survived long; from here, uninhabited sand dunes stretch for tens of thousands of hectares.

    Even in a country as scenic as Ireland, the sandy coves of southwestern Ireland's Dingle Peninsula are something special. Among the most picture-perfect is the Couminole Strand, nestled beneath sheltering cliffs. It featured in the Irish film, Ryan's Daughter, and is the perfect place for a spot of romantic strolling. Not so much. It's not just that the Atlantic waters are cold, although at between eight and 15 degrees, it's seriously chilly.

    The beach also has a nasty undertow that can spell trouble for swimmers, so keep your feet on dry ground. Long known as Glamarama by the toned Sydneysiders who spread their towels on the sand, this popular Sydney beach — one headland along from Bondi Beach — is the most dangerous patrolled beach in NSW. The strong rips frequently pull even strong swimmers out past the headland; around people are rescued each year. Sadly, not all of them are saved; a surfer died here just two years ago. See also - Is everyone really naked?

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    Sixgill Shark

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    Home Travel Experiences Beach and Island. Photo: iStock Lamu Island, Africa. Photo: Krista Eppelstun Boucaut Bay. Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. Photo: iStock Lofoten Islands, located in Norway, during summer sunset. Photo: iStock Slea Head, Ireland.